Sunday, September 29, 2013

Cabbage Patch doll refurbishing

We had 400 gently used Cabbage Patch dolls donated to us. They only need new hairdos and new clothes and they will be amazing presents for our kids.

I dropped in on the knitting group at Edmond's Senior Center. I just wanted to be part of the fun. Laughter, giggles, excitement, and Cabbage Patch dolls everywhere. Some had new hairdos, some had new hairdos and new clothes, some were going to the toe and finger repair shop. Others were on the floor, under seats, ready to be taken home for much needed makeovers.

These women are amazing and so talented. Thank you Susie for spearheading what has become a great gift to our kids.

Here's a message from Susie, our head "doll lady": "I took 14 dolls to the Edmonds Senior Center and came back with 3. (11 more have gone out) We have a great thing going there. One of the ladies is a beautician and works miracles with the hair, some others make cute clothes, some find darling outfits at the thrift stores. We trade dolls back and forth and supply what else they need that we do and pass it along. I brought one totally done doll home and one that needs shoes. I guess I am the shoe person. Two more are at the body repair person, one having a "knee replacement", and the other having a "pedicure". It's an awesome group!!"

If anyone else would like to take on one of our 400 donated dolls, fix their hair and give them new, bright cute clothes please contact us and we will get one (to as many as you like) into your hands. 

~ Pam Martinez, Director 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

New and gently used stuffed animals needed

Have you outgrown your stuffed animals? Are you ready to give them up? Every year we give our kids a stuffed animal in their stocking and one to hug. That totals up to 4,000 stuffed animals every year.

We are on the hunt for stuffed animals of any size and looking like new, even though they may not be. See our Drop off locations tab to find a place to bring your stuffed animals, and give them a new loving home.


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